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Last month, in September, my neighbor Elena Pavlovna called me. She is an elderly, lonely woman. She lives with her father, who is 90 years old. So she calls and says:

– Kostik, I don’t know what to do. The faucet in the kitchen broke. The water hits the ceiling. A locksmith came, shut off the water, told me to cook 300 UAH. and left. Maybe you can lend me, and I’ll give you from my pension.

I have great respect for Elena Pavlovna. She helped me in many situations when I was in school. You can always just go to her and share your problems. She is like a kindred person to me. And I’ve been calling her “you” and just Aunt Lena for many years now. I even brought my classmates to her with their questions. I always told my girlfriends about Aunt Lena, so that they could ask her too. I said:

– Aunt Lena, you don’t have to wait for the locksmith, I’ll come by myself in the evening and see what I can do.

– Aunt Lena, you don’t have to wait for the locksmith, I’ll come by myself in the evening and see what I can do.

After the institute and work, in the evening, I warned my girlfriend Anya, and went to fix the faucet. It was a complicated breakdown, the faucet was ancient, it took me a long time to fix it, and there was still some left over for tomorrow.

And what do you think? Anya understood something. She called me 15 times in three hours. Every 10 minutes she asked me if I would soon be free and come for a walk with her. And I couldn’t leave two old people without water! I just couldn’t do it! And I didn’t leave until at least I managed to get buckets and pots for Aunt Lena’s home use.

The next day, I once again explained everything well to Anya, even showed pictures on my phone, where you can see how I fix the faucet, promised her when I finish everything, to take a long walk, bought the necessary parts and went back to Aunt Lena, to finish the repair.

I fixed the faucet, but “my” Anna called 4 times in 2 hours! And she ended up taking offense at me and scolding me with the last words.

I guess I’m some kind of wrong, wrong person, but I didn’t make any more excuses, I realized that we weren’t going to see Anya anymore. Everyone is going to be old and helpless in some way, and if I, a 20-year-old big guy, can help, I will. And I will still have girlfriends, and I will definitely bring them to Aunt Lena’s house.

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