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At you can anonymously tell your life story or read the real stories of other readers. The site has nothing to do with religion and is not representative of any church or other organization. This resource – an attempt to create a moderated platform for psychological help, discussion of complex and ambiguous life situations, the correct and polite exchange of views on a variety of issues that concern our readers.

You can publish your story with the help of this form of sending publications (no need to register). After the moderator checks (uniqueness, veracity, literacy) your confession will be supplemented with a suitable illustration and published within a day.

Too short, half-written, blatantly illiterate and meaningless texts are not published, as no one, except the author, will want to read them. If you think that your story is really interesting, please make sure that it is written more or less correctly, is divided into paragraphs, and there are no insults or rude expressions in the text of the confession.
We recommend that you write your story in a text editor (such as Microsoft Word), which will help you correct mistakes and typos, and then, having copied the edited text, send your story for moderation. Please appreciate the time of readers who want to read your confession and write advice about your difficult situation.

Usually comments are published immediately after being added, but some of them cannot pass the automatic check (for example, because of the use of jargon) and for such comments to appear on the site you need manual approval of the moderator. It is also possible that anti-spam filters do not react correctly to fairly innocuous text.

If your comment is really OK, there’s nothing to worry about – your moderator will approve it within a few hours. If it’s not OK, your comment can be edited or deleted. Thank you for your understanding.

You can delete your account data in your personal account by selecting Erase User Data.

Comments are deleted by automatic software filters or manually by site moderators if such comments:

  • Are written to insult other people, contain coarse slang phrases.
  • Are promotional (spam).
  • Are short and meaningless (“Thank you!”, “I agree with you”, “100%”, “I support you”, etc.).
  • Promote religious, political and other controversial theories.
  • Contain contact information (email address, website links, phone number, social media nicknames, etc.).
  • Do not relate to the topic of the confession (flooding, off-topic).
  • Written in capital or latinskimi letters.
  • Blatantly illiterate (contains lots of colons, lots of exclamation points, no spaces after commas and periods (but before), there are many consecutive parentheses, etc.).

We do not give explanations for each specific case, as this is tedious and often makes no sense. Repeated violations may result in restricted or blocked access to the site.
Please be polite, do not seek to insult people who have a different point of view, express your opinion intelligently and reasonably. Thank you!

All stories submitted by readers are moderated in advance, the most obvious grammatical errors are corrected, and obscene and overly harsh expressions are removed/violated. Texts are published unchanged only if they are written competently, without insults or vulgarity.

Unfortunately, most stories come in for moderation with abstract titles like “My Confession”, “Help solve a problem”, “Our fight with my husband”, etc. It is difficult for readers to distinguish such publications from one another, so we have to change too short, uninformative and repetitive titles.

In addition, interesting extended comments may be arranged by the moderators as separate stories and published on the main page of the site. In this case, we are forced to come up with a headline based on the meaning of the confession, since comments do not have any headlines in principle.

Published stories are not deleted, as this would lead to the deletion of related comments by other authors, and could also lead to broken links. In addition, it is technically quite difficult to determine the authorship of an anonymous story, even for a site administrator.

To have your avatar displayed in comments here and on many other sites, you should register at with the same e-mail you indicate before adding a comment. is a very large and very famous site that we had nothing to do with creating. Just sign up once, upload your favorite avatar, and it will automatically appear next to every comment with the chosen email address. Service is absolutely safe and doesn’t use received addresses for spam. Your email address is not published anywhere and is only used as an identifier for your avatars.

No. You don’t have to register to read your stories, have discussions about your stories, or send in your own personal story. You can attach an avatar to your comments without registration.

It is quite possible that there are unusual stories and comments here, which may offend some feelings of some people. We also strongly discourage children from visiting the site. If you are under 18 or have extremely delicate mental organization, the administration of strongly recommend you to close this page immediately and not read any publications here.

In order to send your confession or add a comment, you need to indicate your nickname (you do not have to indicate your real name) and your real e-mail address. In addition to these data, the site management system automatically saves the IP-address and cookies that are necessary for the correct operation of the site. If you do not wish to share this information with us for any reason, please leave this site immediately and do not write any stories/comments under any circumstances.

Yes, you can. Please add a clickable link to the original source or a link to the main page. Also, don’t forget to include the author who wrote each specific story.

By writing a real story from your life or commenting constructively on other writers’ stories, you’re greatly helping the site gain popularity. Recommend to your friends in social networks and messengers, post links to on other sites, forums and groups – the more readers the site has, the more it will be updated, the more different opinions and issues raised, the more people will be able to talk and get psychological support.

Thank you very much for your help in developing the project. And thank you for not being lazy to read and understand the rules of our site.

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