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A month ago I was on my way back from Kiev on a business trip. Evening. I was tired, my eyes were falling asleep. All I can think about is a warm bed. The train finally departs. The place next to it is free, which rejoices in some freedom of movement. But no! A minute later, a girl with a gym bag almost runs up and sits down next to me. And in that moment… I believed in love at first sight.

No, the girl was not a model beauty, just a tired, a little upset girl, but I knew exactly and immediately that she was MY GIRL!

Where did my apathy and sleepiness go! I understand that somehow I need to start a conversation, but I can’t find the words, I can’t find a good reason. The girl took a breath, took out her tablet, and immersed herself in reading. There! A book is always a good reason.

– Young lady, may I ask what you are reading?

– Criminal Code. I’m a student at the law academy,” she smiled.

– Criminal Code. I’m a student at the law academy,” she smiled.

One word at a time, it turned out that she, like me, is a big fan of reading. As a child she was enrolled in two city libraries, now, of course, she downloads everything on her tablet, she can’t imagine life without a book.

During the four-hour trip we had time to discuss all the latest novelties of our favorite fiction, invented the continuation of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and discussed how best to spend the next “Night of Libraries.

Then we drank an hour together from her thermos and ate the pies I bought.

There’s just one problem. Everything was so great that my traveling companion and I forgot to take any coordinates from each other. I remember that I said my name was Valery, but the girl didn’t even introduce herself. It all turned out very stupid, because my friends were meeting me near the train, and while we were hugging, the girl just disappeared.

Like in the old movie “Girl with no address,” I, along with my buddy Vitya, were both in Yurka and in the dorm from the Academy, but to find the girl on the Kiev train does not work.

Of course, it’s a pretty corny train story, and the crush will probably pass with time. But what if it was fate and everything else that would work out in life would be unreliable? It’s very sad…

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  • 08/26/2021

    So did you find her? I’d like to know )


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