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My story is very long and probably not many people will want to read it. But it is honest and 100% true. Maybe it will give someone some food for thought. Let’s begin.

Oh, I like to get on my own nerves… I keep bumping into spikes and for some reason looking for and studying my guilt in these hits. But now I begin to understand that somehow this should not be… Tired.

And the thing is, I’ve been together with my boyfriend for a long time.

I remember the beginning of our relationship, which, as in all novels, was just great. It was like a movie. We met: a modest girl who was bending over for her boorish fiancé, and an outwardly self-confident guy who had the reputation of being a Casanova, but was sad and lonely at heart. They fought each other for a long time, and after one accidental kiss, their lives were turned upside down. Anyway, they decided to be together and make each other happy. Oh and ah…

I remember the beginning of our relationship, which, as in all novels, was just great. It was like a movie. We met: a modest girl who was bending over for her boorish fiancé, and an outwardly self-confident guy who had the reputation of being a Casanova, but was sad and lonely at heart. They fought each other for a long time, and after one accidental kiss, their lives were turned upside down. Anyway, they decided to be together and make each other happy. Oh and ah…

He sent me fond text messages and took me out with friends, saying, “I’m not going to be like your ex, make you sit at home and just watch stupid movies. I’ll show you such wonders…” (literally in a month or two that’s all we were doing – sitting at home and staring at the monitor).

No, I actually learned a lot of interesting things. We went out a lot, we walked around the park, we always found things to do at his house.

And in terms of sex, I can’t tell you. For the first time I understood what an orgasm is, what it really means to “make love. I experienced so many incredible emotions with him. What I hadn’t experienced!

In general, the euphoria of happiness lasted about two or three months – and the agony began. And it all started all of a sudden. For example, his friends would call me out for five minutes, and I had to wait for him. (Sunny, go to bed, naked. And I’ll run back and forth, and then… Mmm… you scream at me…)

Well, yes, I yelled, out of anger and frustration… into my pillow. For this wonder had managed to show up at six in the morning, telling me how much fun he’d had with his friends at the bowling alley, how he’d made fun of his ex-girlfriend there, and (oh, how cute!) he wished I’d been there. When I asked him, “Why didn’t you call me then,” he said, “Well, you’d have to go somewhere. Especially so far away?” (it wasn’t all that far). Thank God there were very few cases like that.

Oh, yeah, the ex-girlfriend he made fun of at the bowling alley. A week later, he drunkenly slept with her. He told me about it a month later, adding, “Honey, you’re better in bed!” (Great, that’s comforting! I was so relieved right away! Thank you, my love!)

Okay, I cheated once when I was drunk, too (just not with him), so I forgave him, so be it.

Next… If at first he was affectionate and gentle (kisses that make you want to sing, strong arms hugging you), then lately you can rarely expect from him at least a palm on your shoulder when you are watching these sickening movies on this sickening couch (we should remember what movies we haven’t watched yet).

And what’s even more interesting, there are situations where he’ll put a movie on half the screen, and the other half of the screen is on “Opera” and he’ll spend hours poking around on the Internet.

“Sweetheart, come here, let’s sit next to each other.”

“No, Sun, I am so comfortable for now, I am now with Yulia, Sasha, Pasha, Natasha. Is it cold? Well, cover yourself with a blanket” (you just sit there, and I’ll kick you in the back! And warm myself with a mug of tea). And so every time.

I tried to talk, but they all had about the same answers:

– Look at my friends, they don’t have that kind of talk. But they’re both happy. (What a great example! At least your friends respect each other. The husband often kisses or hugs his wife, and she’s nice to him! That’s why we don’t have these conversations!)

– It’s not in my nature to be gentle.

And he says it with such a face, as if I asked him to change his head and ass places. So, at first you, poor guy, force yourself to be gentle and loving in order to attract a girl to you. And then you don’t have to hold her? You can immediately breathe a sigh of relief and relax? I “like” that position.

– If you don’t like it, I don’t keep it! (Oh, the most interesting answer! Applause! I don’t even have anything to say to that… Except to say “oh sorry” when he gets a huge bruise on his forehead. However, if you think about it, this is the easiest way to solve all the problems.

I only find out what’s going on at work, what he’s worried about, what he’s thinking about, from his friends, to whom he tells everything. Not me. And after that he is offended that I don’t know anything about him and am not interested in his life. (Yes, yes, darling, I understand that I have to learn to read your mind to know what is going on with you.)

Let’s move on. Ah yes, sex! Anyway, it went from “art” (which I thought it was) to “mechanical poke, poke, poke. Anyway, this “mechanical poke, poke, poke” was two times a week at most. And that was usually in the morning, when he had a hard-on. He would just pull his underwear off, off me, and then he would poke me. Without any foreplay. No kissing or other foreplay (okay, once he touches my breasts and thinks that’s enough for me. Even surprised why I have there dry). Well, at least he waits until I have an orgasm. And then he gets dressed, wrapped in a blanket, turns his back to me (mandatory rule – my back) and snore again. By the way, he spends the entire intercourse with his eyes closed, as if he were still asleep. In general, despite the orgasm, no mood, the desire to kiss him before going to work is gone (but just five minutes ago, I wanted to stroke his cheek, hug. Ugh!).

Oh, I completely forgot that he also forbade me to communicate with my friends. I’m not allowed to talk to guys, of course. Here I also realize that he’s worried and jealous (yeah, and he expects me to get drunk as an animal and give myself to one of them! And he, he’s so handsome, he won’t forgive me for being unfaithful!)

And about his girlfriends, he said, they are all mean hypocrites and will tell me bad things about him (of course: it was necessary to manage to quarrel with each of them and be offended that they treat him badly).

And now let’s get to the fun part: what made me nervous and incredibly irritable right now.

It all started when my lover suddenly had some new acquaintances who needed a lot of help. Like, if you make friends with them, you’ll have good connections. И… …he started disappearing there a lot. He did not disappear there alone, but with several of his friends, so I really thought that they all decided to help a mutual friend.

Then the strange activity of an ugly girl (let’s call her Jeanne) began. She kept commenting on his photos, writing, calling him.

Then on her wall Vkontakte began to appear messages like: “I love only him”, “dear, choose: either me or her”, “how nice that my beloved is only with me” – and a picture of mine hangs!

Yeah, that’s what I’m freaking out about. I ran out and confronted the guy. He just laughed, saying that the girl was totally into him, so she was making a fool of herself. With her slant-eyed face, and, as it turned out, stupid head, as my boyfriend and all our friends said about her, she only had to make a fool of herself.

Then I accidentally saw love messages to this girl on his phone. He replied that he was covering for a friend. Well, I believed him (because my boyfriend is such a fool that he might as well go for such a venture).

One day we were out with his friends, one of them told me that this girl had been running after a totally different guy for a long time. But he rejected her, and Jeanne decided to get back at him by trying to seduce my lover. I laughed, but when I turned to my boyfriend, I froze. He was sitting there looking angry and very disappointed. He suddenly called a cab, sent me home, and took off with his friends.

An hour later, he called me and asked me to come urgently. He took a beer, sat me down on the couch, and gave me a message: “I’ve been cheating on you with Jeanne for the last month.” (Whoops! What a gift! Okay, but then he was drunk, like with his ex-girlfriend… …but here, the bastard, he cheated for a whole month!)

To tell you the truth, I didn’t immediately realize what he had confessed to me, but when I did, it was too late for a beating. So I just cried. So that was it! So, for six months I knew no love, no affection, did not hear caress words, and then within a month, some splinter received from him, and love and affection, which I so steadfastly awaited from him. Damn, how much nerve was spent before all this, and now such a blow to my soul. When I thought about how gentle he could have been with her, it made me sick to my stomach.

On top of that, like in the situation with the first cheating, he said that I was much better in bed and that’s why he chose me. What a great compliment! Did I sign up to be his mistress? Which, it turns out, you can choose?! Who you can appreciate and love purely because of sex?! When I asked why he did it – said “I wanted a new” (just like in the joke: “Honey, you’re my best. With each new mistress, I am more and more convinced of this”).

What got to me even more was when he asked me:

– What do you think you should do now?

– Blow your brains out for all this!

– Jeanne, on the other hand, would have removed the mugs from my table, made my bed, and tried to understand me! (And why didn’t you bring her here so she could clean up while we were figuring things out?!)

By the way, when he went off like that, sending me home, he rushed to clarify with Jeanne, saying why the hell she was sticking it to other men.

And all the time he was supposedly helping people, he and his friends were sitting at this girl’s house. While his buddies were getting drunk, he drove with her to his house and they got intimate on that couch I hated so much, but where he and I slept together while I was living with him. Disgusting! Which he told me she was like a log until he did an interesting thing to her. She moaned so much that they even woke up his mother in the next room. How nice it was for me to hear such details! Still, I really wondered what he did to her. Can I do the same? Wrap it up, please!

We hadn’t seen each other for a while (probably about two weeks). He was disgusting to me. But I got over my disgust, so I went to his house once. He was very sad. Not even that: his face expressed extreme despair. He didn’t tell me what had happened for a long time, and then he finally told me: this Jeanne had called him and “pleased” him that she was pregnant by him.

I think that’s it, he’s going to leave her, they’re going to get married, they’re going to have a baby. After all that history, I was sure he was desperately trying to get rid of me. But then my boyfriend surprised me! He gave me a big hug and said: “Sweetheart, I beg you to forgive me. I just now realized that I’m more afraid of losing you than I am of losing my life. I love you more than anything in the world. What the hell made me get mixed up with that crazy woman? I’d rather it was a child by you.

He wouldn’t let me go for a long time, stroking and kissing me all the time. Tears streamed down his cheeks. It was the first time I’d ever seen him like that… I really hadn’t seen him like that in a long time – tender and incredibly loving (and then Snow Maiden’s heart, as always, melted).

In general, in order to save ourselves from this madam, we decided to get married.

And this Jeanne kept terrorizing him. She called him, pestered him with texts, sicced her friends on him. Then she started harassing me, but I quickly sent her away. But her friends started harassing me – I would have killed her! For some reason she asked me where I worked, and my boyfriend told her (why, tell me?) But so far she has never come to my attention.

And you know what the strangest thing about this whole situation is. He wouldn’t let me get involved. Not a peep, not a look. He kept threatening to say, “It’s none of your business!” On the one hand, it was nice that in this way he was trying to protect me from unnecessary stress (in principle, it was his style). But on the other hand, his stubbornness and even aggression made me more suspicious. In general, it seemed to me that he still had some kind of connection with this madam.

I learned about all the details from his mother, who seemed to enjoy telling me everything (she just loves to talk about the most “juicy” topics).

For example, that Jeanne was falling for everyone, kissing everyone, asking every guy to go out with her.

When my boyfriend tried to go with her to the ultrasound to be sure she was pregnant, she desperately refused to go out with him. She said, “Bring me the money for all the services, and I’ll take care of everything myself. She refused to talk to his mother about it. But she dragged my boyfriend down the aisle. Anyway, we all came to the conclusion that she was faking. Plus she recently introduced my boyfriend to her new boyfriend and subtly hinted that she would now go with him very closely. Anyway, the whole mess with that lunatic lasted about two or three months. And I was still drinking valerian and getting off at work.

The guy’s friends often tease him: “What is it, she wasn’t just with you? Hey, was she hitting on you, too? What were you doing? Did you freeze up? That’s right. She’s ugly and stupid in the head! But our hero, it seems, is blind and deaf!”

And I tease from the side, “And you said you only choose the pretty and smart ones. Honey, it turns out you cheated not only on me, but also on your tastes. How much anger had accumulated in me!

And when everything just settled down with this madam – everything went back to the way it was before. With friends he took me reluctantly, I do not see sex again for weeks, no affection, no tenderness. At least we were able to communicate in a human way. Now I often take him out for walks in nice weather, and that’s where he shows some semblance of a “loving” attitude toward me.

To tell you the truth, after this whole story, I don’t really want to be caressed. His voice on the phone, his “my love,” “my darling sunshine,” almost stopped pleasing me. And before, if just seeing him made me shake with lust, now I look at him and snicker. What the hell did I see in him?

Anyway, I left him. I just got tired of thinking about the fact that he was with someone else. I was just tired of remembering the bad moments (for some reason the good ones didn’t come to mind).

He called me for a while, apologizing. And I almost tried not to throw myself on his neck.

It’s been a few weeks. And we met up with him. It was completely by chance, as if fate wanted to bring us together. I went with my friend to the movie theater, and he was sitting next to me. We weren’t watching a movie, we were just talking. My friend, then, got offended and left. And I went for a walk around town with my ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately (or luckily) I forgot my house keys. He invited me to his place… and we made love all night long. He confessed that since the breakup, he had never once stopped thinking about me. He hadn’t dated a single girl. He wanted me back, but he didn’t know how.

He says he will never cheat again, because this situation was too bitter and valuable a lesson for him.

Now we are together again. He’s really changed. He’s more gentle, more affectionate. He and I have a lot in common. He doesn’t go anywhere without me, he doesn’t go anywhere. We spend all our time together… or with our mutual friends.

I haven’t forgiven him yet, but I’m watching to see what happens next. I hope nothing like that happens again, because no matter what, I continue to love that fool…

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Comments to: A story about adultery and its “funny” consequences
  • 07/25/2021

    frank story, but interesting ????

  • 08/25/2021

    You have a complicated relationship with your boyfriend.

    I wouldn’t need one of those.


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