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I read the confession of a fan of online games and decided to tell my very similar story. I am Yuri, a former computer addict. I have been addicted to computers since I was 13 years old.

At first I thought that I would have a computer, learn how to work on it, I will find different information, order products, etc. And when my parents bought me a computer, the first thing I did was to learn how to download music and play games. I put headphones in my ears and let’s play games. And some games are such that you just live in them. It seemed like it was 5 p.m. just now, but when you look at it, it’s already 5 a.m.! I used to fall asleep in front of the screen.

I started going to school less and less often. What kind of school is it if you don’t sleep for two or three days? There’s life in games, there’s friends.

I started going to school less and less often. What kind of school is it if you don’t sleep for two or three days? There’s life in games, there’s friends.

By the time I was 16, in addition to playing games, I started hanging around different websites and meeting girls. Now I had no time for any kind of life at all. There was correspondence, there was games. No time to eat. I lost weight. I almost dropped out of school. My mother cries and scolds me, turns off the Internet. I’m ashamed to say that once I jumped on her with my fists, because she turned off the Internet, and there was a game I hadn’t finished playing, I let my classmates down.

I barely got my diploma. I didn’t go anywhere. There were no real friends left, only virtual ones. My mother had already stopped crying, she kept trying to feed me at least.

And it was love that pulled me out of that abyss. I fell in love with Marinka, a girl from the Internet. At first we just corresponded, called each other on the cell phone, and then one day she came to my house. I was pissed, I said:

– How did you find the address?

And she’s so calm, so calm:

– My father works in the prosecutor’s office; if I need someone, I can always find him, you know that.

– So you need me, then?

– Yes, you do, and if you need me, we’ll treat your computer addiction.

No, at first I was angry, of course. I’m used to living this way, from game to game.

And Marinka started coming more often, now to visit me, now to her mother, as if she were. And once again, when my mother urged me to see a doctor, I grabbed a stool and attacked my mother. And Marinka came to the door, took my jacket, and said:

– That’s it, I thought you had a brain! And you want to die! Then die!

I got an electric shock and sat on the floor with that stool. I think – I’m 17 years old, I have no one, I almost lost my mother. Idiot!

In the morning I thought about it and asked my mom to take the computer to my grandmother so I wouldn’t have to see it. It was hard to get used to it, but Marinka helped me, communicated with me, took me out for a walk, like a dog.

This all happened in 2009. Now I’m dating Marinka, I went to a technical lyceum to become a programmer. I just want to say to everyone, guys, take care of your loved ones. No computer can replace friends, girlfriends and parents.

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