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You surely have heard a lot about Greece and have also read a lot about it. Greece is famous for its diverse landscape, rich history dating back more than 3000 years. It has lovely architecture, delicious food, a great climate, and friendly people.

You can enjoy an unforgettable experience of a wonderful blend of history, landscape beauty, and cuisine. Feel thrilled once you reach Greece. It is considered as the generator of democracy, the world-famous Olympic Games, and many other amazing things.

Mykonos island of Greece is a place like heaven.

It is not an exaggeration. Mykonos is among the most exotic islands in Greece that is popular for its irreplaceable beauty and clean beaches. Experience the wonderful, influential Greek history in Athens, the capital of Greece. Here you can unfold the layers of the journey while indulging in a love of the natural beauty of Mykonos and the islands of Santorini. 


Walking through the narrow streets, you can see a number of uniquely expensive shops selling high-quality ready-made garments. A variety of footwear, cosmetics, jewelery, dry fruits, and souvenirs are there to keep you consumed.

Although most of these items are of high quality, people usually love ready-made garments. They are made of soft Greek cotton fabric and some Greek souvenirs. You can surely enjoy some shopping for our loved ones and us. 

You can bargain a little on the price. Especially after the pandemic, the shops are giving discount deals here. Online loan options can also be explored if you want to buy something very beneficial out of your budget. There are even deals for the people living on benefits and need a loan today. They can get instant money on a basic repaying capacity.

Cafes, bakeries, and canteens along the Mykonos footpath

Among the shops and museums are a number of traditional bakeries that sell freshly prepared foods. Here you can also see the traditional furnaces in any shop. Here you can see both types of cafes, simple as well as high standard.

But all the cafes have one fact in common. They are all very small because there is not enough space for a large structure. Never forget to taste and try the local delicacies and also buy some to take back to your native place.

Apart from these, there are several very tempting canteens. Most of the restaurants were in the open. Greek and other European dishes get served here. For lunch, you can relish delicious Greek cuisine. After dinner, take the pleasant sips of Greek drink from any canteen.

Beaches of Mykonos

A beautiful clear blue sky emerges every night. Comfortable seating for tourists has been arranged all around on the extremely clean beach. However, the ocean floor is not as sandy as other sea levels. There is a hard solid surface at the bottom of the sea, resulting from volcanoes.

Only thick sand is scattered all around. It looks as if it has been brought here to make the place look like a beach. Also, experience the welcoming waters. Pleasant, cool, absolutely clear water is full of colorful, innocent little fish and other sea creatures.

Slowly the darkness of night began to cover. The memory that you will gather here will take you to a different world of dreams. The moon shines here in the sky with all its aura.

The moonlight scattered on the Aegean sea shines like countless shining diamonds on the surface of the sea. The sight of this dazzling night is mesmerizing. When this fun meets with the fun and excitement of the tourists on the beach, your excitement reaches its height.

Art Gallery

The art galleries located here are sure to catch your attention while walking the footpaths of Mykonos. Almost every street has at least one art gallery. A feature of these art galleries is that they are all privately owned galleries containing collections of artifacts collected by their masters. You can see artifacts from different art fields here.

The owners will be present in the museum to describe in detail their collection. His conduct was very intimate. You must be thinking that there is a hefty entry fee. No! These galleries are open to all, and no entry fee will be charged.

Windmills of Mykonos

The bases of all these windmills are circular. Painted in bright white, these mills have conical roofs, small windows, and doors painted in blue. Here you can have a breathtaking view of the white and blue colors blended in each other. The doors of all the mills remain closed sometimes. You may ask for the right time to see them from inside.

The mills are not in working condition, and you may need the help of the tourist guide to see the open doors. Now, these are only visible objects. The total number of windmills in Mykonos is 16. Out of these 16, 7 are on Chora hill.

These mills built by the Venetians were mainly used for grinding wheat and barley. 20th. From the middle of the century, their use began to decline, and eventually, they stopped altogether.


Imagine when reading about a place gives so much fun then how exciting it can be to visit that place personally? If you have been looking for a getaway trip for a long, this is your spot to relax and revive the soul.

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