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They say that dreams are your future or your past. They say dreams are your hidden thoughts and desires. And they say that dreams are a parallel world in which you live a completely different life.

And sometimes these two worlds, the world of dreams and the world of reality, can merge into one. And you never know what awaits you in your dreams and how it will affect your real life.

However, my dreams strangely transferred to reality, and the “demon” present in them now exists in my real life as well.

I don’t remember when He first appeared in my dreams. But I do remember how I met him. In my dreams, I was often walking around my city, alone or with someone. Suddenly, out of the blue, my head began to ache so badly that I wanted to scream.

I don’t remember when He first appeared in my dreams. But I do remember how I met him. In my dreams, I was often walking around my city, alone or with someone. Suddenly, out of the blue, my head began to ache so badly that I wanted to scream.

At that moment, the most handsome man’s face I had ever seen appeared before my eyes, and I heard a sweet, velvety whisper calling my name. The face was blue, not dead-blue, but a bright ultramarine hue. It had pronounced cheekbones, large eyes that were gray-green like a normal person’s, but the pupils… They were narrow, like a cat’s. Just looking at him gave me a kind of haunting feeling, and I lost my head when I was around him.

His voice told me quietly that I would rarely see him, but that he would keep an eye on me. However, if he appears in this “blue” guise, it means that someone I know must die. At the same time, something let me know that it would be my grandfather, who was sitting next to me in the dream.

In real life, after that dream my grandfather passed away a month later. And every time a demon appeared in this guise, someone actually died. He always told me who would die and when.

Since then, my dreams have been very different. If before, like normal people, I had a variety of dreams: about school, about friends, about relatives, then now there was the same theme. The whole world in my dreams was somehow destroyed, as if after the apocalypse. It was always either night or overcast. The sky was a dirty yellow color, and the sun occasionally broke through the clouds. Houses, roads, forests, everything was ruined, dirty, abandoned.

Falling meteorites and airplanes, terrible accidents, terrifying monsters, people running in fear, the death of someone-all this haunted me every night.

The meaning of my dreams was almost always the same – I was always saving someone and saving myself. At the same time, the dreams that I had dreamed a little earlier were very well reflected in the next dream. It was like a soap opera in which I was the main character.

As I said before, Demon rarely came to my attention. But I could clearly feel his presence, his breath, his touch on my shoulders. When I turned around, he was gone, and I could hear his whispers calling me to him.

Instead of the Demon, I encountered some scary creatures, like werewolves or ghosts, that were under his command. They very rarely attacked me, and most of their attacks were on my loved ones, who I had to bail out every now and then.

I was protecting my teachers at school from a werewolf, and I was trying to figure out what kind of creature was sitting in my parents’ room. And each time I heard that velvet voice telling me the very intimate things the Demon would do to me when we were alone. And every time, Demon’s underlings would lead me to the big wooden door behind which was his lair.

But I didn’t go in, even though I had the most incredible attraction to Demon, I had the greatest desire to throw myself into his arms. It was like a madness, as if I had been bewitched or fed some kind of love pills (there is no other way to explain this state) Thank you to fear and reason, which stopped me in time. And instead of pushing that door open, I would turn around and run away.

It is worth noting that I particularly often dreamt about four places:

It was a tall building, near the sea. I was standing on its roof the whole time, and I knew that I couldn’t get down from here that easily. So I just stood there looking at the city in the distance, sparkling with colorful lights. The Demon was always standing next to me, but I never saw him. I just felt his presence.
Abandoned rocky beach. To get to it, it was necessary to swim from the “working” beach to a small grotto, passing through which it was possible to get to it.
A sanatorium, or hotel, where it was empty and dusty. Some creature lived in it, which gave me a panic-stricken feeling of dread. Again, it was somewhere by the sea. I remember that in my dreams I would often go out to the beach below and try to save people drowning in the water.
Some room with a high ceiling. Yellow wallpaper on the walls, and posters of Nightwish, Aria, etc. on top. There’s a computer on a table in the corner, and a couch in the middle of the room. And it was here that I felt Demon’s presence most clearly.

With dreams like that, I lived for about two years. And when I turned seventeen, I met a young man, fell madly in love with him, and the dreams stopped. But before the dreams stopped, I saw the man who had been following me all that time.

He appeared to me in his human form, and, I repeat, I have never seen anyone more beautiful than him. He was a tall, somewhat thin guy, but his body was perfect. I won’t describe it all, but they say he had “Apollo’s body. He was wearing only black jeans, which emphasized his pale skin even more. He had long blond hair that fell in straight strands over his shoulders. A face with pronounced cheekbones and big eyes, a straight nose, sensual lips (sensual and I wanted to kiss him all the time)… and the look… devilish, sly…

And the most I remember was a strange sign in the shape of a five-pointed star with strange inscriptions on his chest.

I remember my heart pounding, my legs getting cotton candy, and I forgot everything as I looked at him. I wanted to rush to him, to hug him, to put my nose in his hair. It was unbelievable!

But I stood there and just stared at him. He stood and just stared at first, too, but then he came up to me and kissed me. Yeah, it was the best feeling I’d ever had… And as soon as I reached for the Demon with my hands, he quickly moved away from me and slowly disappeared into thin air.

-We’ll meet again and you’ll be with me… – his voice came to me.

I woke up with a strange feeling of sadness and loneliness. For some reason, I didn’t want him to leave. Maybe I was just used to him, or maybe I’d managed to fall in love with the image from the dream. And very, very much in love… What a stupid thing to do!

Almost four years have passed since then. I struggled and still managed to forget the dreams, to forget what the Demon looked like. After all, compared to him, all the guys, including my lover, seemed like gray pacifiers. “And that’s not supposed to happen!” – I told myself, trying not to imagine Demon in my boyfriend’s shoes. And, thank God, over time, this addiction disappeared, and I began to live my life in peace. I moved in with my boyfriend, and we lived happily together.

But one day my friend started talking about a young man she was madly in love with. She described him as an incredible guy: smart, extremely handsome, mysterious. All the girls in town were crazy about him.

For some reason she introduced me to him, and we began to walk in the same company. He was really an incredibly handsome guy (let’s call him Oleg). He was very active, cheerful, friendly, he found an approach to every person and everyone respected him… (and adored – this from the girls’ side).

But initially I couldn’t make friends with him. We fought every day, and sometimes the guys had to break us up. I hated Oleg and he seemed to hate me.

But one day, when we happened to be alone, he suddenly took me by the arms, pulled me to him and kissed me. And all the hatred and irritation in my soul just vanished, leaving me with the strongest sense of obsession and dependence on this man. That’s how instantly I fell in love with him: to the point of trembling in my knees, to the point of intoxicating vertigo. And everything was so romantic… at night, on the roof of a high-rise building.

I left my boyfriend and went to Oleg because I couldn’t be without him. I wanted to see him all the time, to hear his voice. I could smell him all the time, I wanted to hold him all the time… And I was so happy that I didn’t care about anything in the world but Oleg.

And then one day, when there was first intimacy, he took off his shirt, and I, looking at his perfect body, suddenly froze. The tattoo… A five-pointed star with symbols… in the middle of his chest… so familiar.

And that’s when my dream memories fluttered back into my head, and I shuddered away from Oleg. No, it couldn’t be that he was the Demon. But with every second I looked at Oleg and compared him to the Demon, I was getting more and more uncomfortable. It was the same beautiful face, the same incredible body. And the voice… the same voice… velvet… caressing to the ear. And the pull I had for him was just as strong. The intimacy finally happened. But Oleg wondered why I was so scared at first. He even thought that I thought he was ugly.

That same night I had a dream that I was standing somewhere in the woods and Oleg appeared in front of me. He smiles slyly, even wickedly, and holds out his hands to me.

-Well, I told you we’d meet and you’d be mine…

I got scared again, but for some reason I got out of my seat and rushed to him. He hugged me tightly, too. And I just disappeared into him…

That was the end of the dream. I haven’t seen much of anything in my dreams since then. Only a misty forest, where I feel very peaceful. I’ve been together with Oleg for a year and a half now, and my passion for him hasn’t faded. With time, however, Oleg’s shortcomings became apparent: cruelty, aggression, and a mocking attitude towards other people. It is true that he never shows cruelty towards me. On the contrary, he takes care of me, as if I were the dearest thing to him. And that devilish look, that wide and sneering smile was his calling card, which I still admire.

By the way, the most interesting thing is that the four places that I remembered well in my dreams were places that were closely connected with Oleg.

The first place is the high-rise where we first kissed.

The second place is an abandoned rocky beach. This is his favorite place, where we often go.

The third place was really a sanatorium, where he often took me. The fourth place was his room.

But still… how did it happen that my dream turned into reality? Or do demons still exist? Or is this too strange a coincidence? Or was it a prediction of the future?

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  • 08/19/2021

    This is nonsense.


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